Best Electric Lawn Mower To Make Things Effortless

Premium Choice

GreenWorks Corded Electric Mower

GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Best Electric Lawn Mower 25022

Powerful motor

3-In-1 performer

Durable Steel Deck

Push button to start

Best Value

American Lawn Mower Company’s Corded Electric Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company’s Corded Electric Lawn Mower 50514


Large cutting width

Flexible handle height

High competency motor

Our Value

Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 21-Inch & 13-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25112

Maneuvers easily

Durable batteries

Stylish and silky design

Lightweight and simple to push

While having a lawn, it needs some clipping tasks. Keeping it organized by cutting leaves off the lawn or garden’s grasses, bushes, and small plants is essential to maintain its real beauty. But, it’ll take lots of time if you want to do it manually like using something other than the best electric lawn mowers. You’ll find lots of brands and models of mowers in the market.

When you’re looking for an eco-friendly and quieter way to clean your lawn, electric-powered lawn mowers is the best solution for you. Although it’s somewhat troublesome to find out the perfect lawn mower, we have done it simpler. It’s because we have found some high-quality electric lawn mowers that are below:

1. GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Mower 25022

This is a 20-Amp corded electric-powered lawn mower from the renowned production house of GreenWorks. When you’ll provide the electricity in it, it’ll offer you a load of capabilities and power. It’ll make you forget and need of using a gas-powered engine. With a strong steel deck, it’s equipped with a 20-inch large cut.

But, it doesn’t make a feel that the mower is very heavy. It means the unit is lightweight that helps you to complete the cutting of your entire lawn or garden’s leave without getting the strain. Also, you don’t need to use any fuel like gas, oil, and diesel because of being itself electric.

Even you’re free of pulling strings or any other annoying things to start it. The unit comes with 7 different levels of height adjustment that allows you to get the right cut each time. The device has 7-inch large front wheels while the rear ones are 10-inch.

GreenWorks Corded Electric Mower

As a result, it makes sure that you can move easily when it faces the unevenness of your yards. You’ll be able to collect the clippings in the provided bag and it mulches itself routinely. Also, you have the option to remove the included bag and release the clippings from its side.


prosPowerful motor

pros3-In-1 performer

prosDurable Steel Deck

prosPush button to start


consNot enough suitable for cutting & mulching its clippings

2. American Lawn Mower Company’s Corded Electric Lawn Mower 50514

It’s another great lawnmower with a corded electric supply that always offers a reliable and clean cut. The tool comes with an 11-amp powerful motor, which is why it can deal with the toughest mowing tasks. This is why it’s a greatly suitable unit for most homeowners that need to maintain smaller lawns.

The unit is a compact, mean, and lean that’s suitable for taking care of the most types of hard work with fashion using no gas or oil. You just need to use a simple push on its start button after connecting to the power supply and it’s always ready to serve you whenever you need.

You can fit the device to put up with every user as it comes with the flexible handle length. The mower has a 14-inch steel made blade that can cut grass from 1-inch to 2.5-inch with 5 easily adjustable height options.

American Lawn Mower Company’s Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Also, the unit was equipped with a collection bag that has an indicator of the level. So, you can understand if the bag has been filled with clippings. The mower is compact and lightweight in design that has made it very easy to use. Also, it’s simple to store while you’re not using it.

Another good thing about the mower is that it’ll provide you a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. When it comes to assembling the tool, you’ll find it effortless. It’s because you just join the handle and all other parts have been joined already.



prosLarge cutting width

prosHigh competency motor

prosFlexible handle height


consNot suitable for big lawn

3. Greenworks 21-Inch & 13-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25112

This is another product from GreenWorks that comes with all the important features and specifications that you should get with a lawnmower. As a result, it’ll help you to accomplish your mowing tasks effortlessly without wasting your time.

Unlike cheaper and zero-brand models, you’re all set to go through your lawn tasks while using this powerful 13-amp corded electric-powered lawn mower.

Because of having the ability of automatic battery backup, when one comes to an end, it switches to another one itself. This is because you’ll not get the issue of going through the process of time-consuming and frustrating of stopping the task due to replacing or recharging.

Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Many more features are out there like the unit is as diligence as efficient while mowing your lawn. Also, it can cut a wide area with its durable 21-inch cutting deck. Its sheer width translates to noticeably a bit less passes when you’ll mow a particular area.

Like some other top models, the mower comes with simple design and features that help you to choose your desired one from 5 different cutting heights. Its adjustability makes you able to clip the lawn’s grass to the preferred size. And it’ll help you make it picturesque and even looking, which is always expected by the homeowners.


prosManeuvers easily

prosDurable batteries

prosStylish and silky design

prosLightweight and simple to push


consDon’t have self-propulsion

4. Snapper XD 82V MAX 21-Inch Self-Propelled Electric Cordless Lawnmower

Coming with the highly recommended for the most types of homeowners, the Snapper XD MAX 82V is for those who are in search of a high performing electric lawn mower. The machine will enable you to get done your lawn mowing tasks as fast as professionally and evenly.

The mower comes with the famous Briggs & Stratton engine that’s well-known for higher performance, durability, and reliability. With a 21 inches large steel deck, it works very quietly and effortlessly.

Also, the height of the deck is simply adjustable, eco-friendly, simple to start and east to get the storage capabilities vertically. All the ways, this mower deserves a place on this list along with some other top-rated brand of mowers. The design of the mower is 3-in-1 meaning the tool can mulch, bag, and discharge inside of the clippings quickly and easily.

Snapper XD MAX Self-Propelled Electric Cordless Lawn mower

Its 21-inch large steel deck has rugged and wide enough that reduces energy and time to complete your lawn mowing tasks. The unit has the ante with the incorporation of an efficient and smart load intellection technology.

As a result, it’s fast to adjust the strength to rightly meet the needs for its cutting blades. No matter the grass is taller, tougher, or thicker, it has enough power to accomplish the clipping task in any case. Another useful feature is that it has a 7-level height adjustability of its cutting deck.


prosStrong twin force

prosFlexible performance

prosDurable construction

prosEffortless and exceptional Mulcher


consA bit heavier, 90 pounds

5. Greenworks PRO Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

Regardless of the overbearing similarity to a racing car, the PRO of the GreenWorks is coming from the doyen of the industry. The unit is extraordinarily user-friendly. If you have bigger lawns then this mower is your ideal choice that comes with a great backup battery.

This is why it allows you to work without getting stressed for hours. Besides, it’s easy and quick to maneuver along with made from polymer of industrial grade.

As a result, it not just ensures withstand the testing time, it’s also simple for excessive use for many years. The tool comes with a 21-inch cutting deck equipped with sharp and tough blades.

Greenworks PRO Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

So, it’s able to make quick and short work of densest, thickest, and toughest tasks of lawn mowing. With this width, it allows you to go through fewer passes to complete the clipping tasks. Also, it provides one level of height adjusting deck that allows you to choose from 7 different cutting heights.

Another good thing about the mower is that it incorporates with automatic system of power adjustment and it detects plus responses intelligently according to the nature of your lawn’s grass.Allowing efficient and even results for tougher grasses is triggering the greater power of delivering. It has enough power to complete the clipping task in any case regardless of the grass is taller, tougher, or thicker.



prosDurable battery

prosIdeal for various terrains

prosAvailable with a backup battery


consNo mechanism for self-propulsion

6. Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25012with Extra Blade

When you’ll first see this electric lawn mower, you’ll be wondered as to its large enough to perform any type of mowing task. In any case, it’s very small your spouse will keep it as adorable. Regardless of what you’re naming it, one certain thing is out there that you’ll love about it.

The cuteness level of the mower is worth more than anything with the power of cutting your lawn’s grass, bush, and smaller plants. While receiving the tool, you’ll find it’s quite easy to assemble not because of its instruction manual.

It’s because the manual has written poorly and a bit confusing. The unit will help you to operate with safety. As it’s already said that the mower is easy to join together that just needs to attach its handles and it’s ready to go with.

Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower with Extra Blade

But, don’t forget that the device doesn’t have a long extension cord like other models. This is why you have to buy one separately. It doesn’t matter the front wheels of the mower is a bit smaller. It’s because the back wheels are large enough to work nicely.

In any case, it’s always better to choose a mower with large wheels that helps you to navigate uneven surfaces. Also, large wheels make it simple to push effortlessly. Understandably, its small front wheels have an advantage of basic and easy mowing on your smaller yards.



prosVery Compact

prosReasonably priced

prosEffortless to assemble


consJust suitable for smaller yards

7. WORX WG788 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

This 2-in-1 electric-powered lawn mower comes with the features of mulching and bagging along with rear discharges. The unit was equipped with a special feature of NutriCut that offers you mulching of duel edge for your lawn fertilization naturally.

The mower can cut about 10,820 square feet per charge with its steel made cutting deck that provides you high-quality mulching capabilities. If you buy the device, you’ll get a warranty of 3 years with a guarantee of one-month money-back assurance.

This cordless lawnmower has a 19-inch large cutting height with a one lever setting depth for different functionalities. While the mower is not in use, it lets you store it folded completely that will help you to save space in your garage.

WORX Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Also, the unit has a washout port for quick connect that helps to keep the mower underside for clean easier and nice. The cutting length of the mower offers you the right length that you desire exactly. It also lets you choose 7 types of cutting length positions from 1.25 inches to 4 inches with a user-friendly one lever adjustment.

You’ll find a bag for grass collection that can hold about 1.4 bushels with the features of the capacity indicator. As a result, you’ll realize if the bag is full while clipping. Besides, the 36V cordless mower has a collection bag that will help you to handle the disposal easily. And you can use it with and without the collection bag that entirely depends on you.


prosNutriCut technology

prosLong runtime of the battery

prosSpecial & sharper cutting blade

prosRechargeable & removable battery added


consThe battery is not much durable

8. BLACK+DECKER BEMW482ES 17″Electric Lawn Mower

If you’re looking for a mower to convert it into a trimmer also, the BEMW482ES will fill your desire. The tool comes with 3-in-1 technology as the best garden and lawn tool. The unit has 6.5amp of capacity with a dependable motor system with the construction.

It has amazing strength that can develop the performance of the mower while planning to cut grasses or harsh weed. Also, you can use it to chop out the overgrown plants.

With a 17-inch cutting, the deck can mulch grasses from 1.6 inches to 2.4 inches along with a cutting path of a sideway. The main features of the tool are its extensive portability and simple adjustability.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

This unit has a nice and cheeky handle that allows you to use it with the highest control. Also, the machine has the facility of Automated Feed Spool, which has added for resisting its bumps while trimming grass or using it for cutting other things smaller plants of your lawn.

Thus, when it faces the unevenness of your yards, it makes sure that you can move easily. It lets you collect the clippings in the provided bag and it mulches itself consistently. Apart from these advantages, you have the option to remove the included bag and release the clippings from its side.



prosTrimming function added

prosSafe & Effortless to use

prosBest suit for smaller lawns


consThe extension cord is not included

9. Snapper HD 48V MAX Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Another great lawnmower from Snapper, the Snapper HD mows the lawn and yard easily with its 20-inch cutting deck. The tool comes with a great engine of the Briggs and Stratton with 48V of 5.0 lithium-ion batteries along with a charger.

If you look at the tasks that the mower performs, you’ll find lots of features it comes with. Some of them are including push-button to start easily, a system of self-powered drive, and technology of smart load sensing to make your mowing tasks simple.

With its single lever, you can adjust the lawn height with 7 different height positions. The unit is much quieter and you can use it up to 60 minutes, which is enough to accomplish the task of a small yard or lawn.

Snapper HD MAX Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn mower

This quiet machine also needs very less amount of maintenance. The tool comes with storage capabilities that help you to save you lots of time and storage space in the shed or garage. Also, the unit has 3-in-1 options meaning it’s a mulcher and bagger along with a side discharger at the same time. As it’s said already that the device has the latest intelligent technology, it allows you to get enough power that you need to mow a small size garden or lawn.



prosVertical storage

prosSimple height adjustment

prosPowerful brushless motor


consBattery life is a bit shorter

10. iON16LM-HYB Hybrid Cordless/Electric Lawn Mower 16-Inch

Finally, we have the iON16LM-HYB Hybrid Cordless/Electric Lawn Mower of the production house of Sun Joe that comes with a 16-inch wide cutting deck. As a result, it’s widely suitable for your small lawns. The tool also is available in your small budget that everybody can get it easily.

You could be known about the snow or leaf blowers of this manufacturer. But, this lawnmower also has made with the latest technology to perform smartly like their other gardening tools.

The best feature of the unit is that it comes with a strong brushless motor that lasts longer. Also, the motor keeps less consume on its battery and makes less noise and vibration, unlike other similar models.

Hybrid Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Coming with a powerful 40-volt battery, the machine is much lighter in weight. As a result, it’s simple to push despite not having the feature of self-propelled. The batter will run up to 40 minutes that’s a reasonable runtime for a smaller lawn. And it takes just half an hour to be changed in full. This is the reason we like to recommend this lawnmower for you if you’re the owner of a smaller yard or lawn.

The drawback of the tool is its smaller, 16-inch cutting deck that needs some more passes to accomplish the clipping. Also, it doesn’t come with the mulching feature, but you’ll get a bag to collect the clippings. However, you’ll enjoy the unit with its easy to start feature with hassle-free starting with a comfortable grip while operating the machine.



prosLong battery

prosLife Recharges quickly

prosPerforms quietly & smoothly


consNo self-propulsion & lack of mulcher


If you’re a homeowner, an electric lawn mower is one of the must-have gardening tools. It’s because the tool is very useful to mow your garden, lawn, and yard when there are unexpected and repulsing grasses, bushes, and smaller plants. A mower could be corded or without cord, it seeps user-friendly, convenient, and eco-friendly as well.

If you compare it with its gas-powered cousin, it’s enough to quiet, easy to carry out, and light in weight. So, we recommend the self-propelled one that will avail you the best return of money because it comes with all the possible features that you need to mow your lawn.