Best Honda lawn mowers | Reviews & Guide

Premium Choice

Ryobi Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Review

Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Lawn Mower


Great Mulching

21″ NeXite base

Long Time Warranty

Best Value

Ryobi Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Review

Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-Propelled Gas Mower

Great mulching

Great Horsepower

Rear-wheel drive

Clean and Powerful cuts

Our Value

Ryobi Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Review

Honda 21″ HRS216VKA Lawn Mower

Powerful and reliable engine

Special chute for discharging

6 different cutting height options

Easy storage with folding up handles

Welcome to the Best Honda lawn mowers review guide. Imagine having a lawn in front of your house full of large grass, which is mostly uneven. It is undoubtedly not a great sight if you are someone who likes cleanliness. Besides, having an unkempt lawn can be unhealthy for you and your family. Modern science has brought “Honda Lawn Mowers” for you to solve this problem. These are basically machines that have a rotating blade powered by a motor.

Lawn mowers are mostly electric while few are run by gas. They have already created a great demand in the market — people who have lawns in their houses like to keep them neat and tidy. Also, people who are fond of gardening might require lawnmowers. As there are a lot of varieties in the market, it has become a little confusing for the buyers to choose a specific brand for their own lawn. These varieties are based on the size of the lawn, obstacles, flower beds, etc.

Among many of the popular brands available in the market, Honda can be a great choice. Lawnmowers of Honda are both sustainable and affordable in price. Honda has produced a variety of products in the lawnmower category. In this article, I shall review the best Honda lawn mowers. This will include the specifications of the products, pros and cons, and their final verdict.

1. Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Lawn Mower Review:

Editor’s Choice: The HRX217K5VKA 21 in. 4-in-1 lawnmower delivers exceptional performance. This mower is powered by gas, and it provides excellent performance in the grooming of grass even after many years of use. The body of this lawnmower can turn up to the heat and deliver performance at the highest order. One of the main reasons behind the uniqueness of this mower is its adaptability, which makes it different from other mowers of its kind?

Highlighted features:

One of the highlighted features of this mower is the two blades micro-cut system of this machine. This allows the device to cut the uneven grass smoothly and ensures a tidy and clean look to the lawn. Another needy feature of this Honda Versamow is that this mower has an option to switch between shredding, discharging, mulching and bagging the clippings. This makes the Versamow a versatile lawnmower.

It allows you to set the cutting pace correctly by using the select drive. You can also adjust the speed control by yourself. Versamow is very easy to use. Even a person who is physically less capable can handle it. It weighs roughly about 96 pounds.

The Honda HRX217K5VKA has a four-stroke GCV 190 engine which is maneuvered by its rear-wheel drive. It has a five-setting auto transmission system. It smoothes up the whole process and makes the cutting of the grass easier.



prosGreat Mulching

pros21″ NeXite base

prosLong Time Warranty

prosEasy and Quick Start

prosWide Bagging System

prosExceptional Reliability


consSmall Gas Tank

consLow-Speed Select Drive System


If you are looking for a mower that is easy to handle, then Honda Versamow should be right up there in your priority list. It not only is a handy machine with easy controls but also provides various other useful features. Even looking at the cost-effectiveness of this product, I would suggest you buy it.

2. Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-Propelled Gas Mower review:

Editor’s Choice: This self-propelled Honda HRR216K9VKA has a bold claim on its shorthand description. It says, “This machine was built to perform longer and stronger than any competing model in its class.” To be honest, this claim is turning out to be a guaranteed truth as people are starting to like it. This gas mower is almost flawless in its performance. The firsthand performance of this mower can undoubtedly make you consider buying it rather than the products with similar features available in the market.

Highlighted features:

The twin micro-cut blade allows a smooth cut and lets the cutting be as you wish it to be. No extra effort has to be put while using it. It has a sturdy 12 gauge steel deck that makes sure the durability of the machine. It might be light in weight but definitely solidly built. A six-height setting allows you to be frequent while using it. You might switch to another option while using it when required.

It has a 160 CC Honda GCV engine that runs the machine smoothly and lessens the noise of the mower while running. Its 12-inch cut path ensures a clean cut. From start to finish, the trimming of the machine remains consistent. Honda HRR includes a variable speed wheel drive. Its smart drive technology makes the experience much more satisfactory.


prosGreat mulching

prosGreat Horsepower

prosRear-wheel drive

prosClean and Powerful cuts

prosHonda’s Trademark durability

prosManeuvers like a mower half of its size


consA bit noisy

consNo deck-wash port

consFour levers for adjusting the height

consWheels handles are small and act poor on hills

consStarting is rough occasionally, despite auto-choke

consSmart Drive controls are thumb based and a bit awkward


Although there a few failings of the Honda HRR, it still can be a perfect choice when compared to its competitor mowers. Considering the price range, I would suggest to buy it.

3. Honda 21″ HRS216VKA Lawn Mower review:

Editor’s Choice: The new HRS216VKA is a powerful lawnmower and liked by many people. It has won the hearts of people through its adaptability and ability to cut through grasses. Honda 21 Lawn Mower makes work easy for people who are unable to go through all the specifications and features of so many brands available in the market. This is almost like a package of all in one and has a powerful engine that supplies power for a longer period of time.

Highlighted features:

Honda HRS216VKA lawnmower has a GCV160 CC engine that is already a proven source of the power generator. It does not only work well in the mowers but also has proven its worth as a reliable log cutter. As mentioned earlier, this mower is good enough to cut grasses of almost all types through the power provided by its engine. The new model of HRS216VKA has the only a one-speed system.

The previous edition had speed control in it. As many people found it difficult and awkward to drive with speed control in it, Honda has decided to come up with one speed in this new edition.It has a unique fold-down chute that allows side discharging to be more efficient, and it is held in place by springs.

This side discharging or mulching is designed in such a way that it might not allow bagging but makes the mulching option much more adept while using. The versatility of the mower is even more increased with 6 different options for setting the cutting height.

An auto-choke system is included so that the starting of the mower is even more accessible now than before. It has a secure maneuvering system with 8-inch wheels in it. It has made driving comfortable for people of any age.


prosPowerful and reliable engine

prosSpecial chute for discharging

pros6 different cutting height options

prosEasy storage with folding up handles

prosEasily maneuverable with large wheels


consSpeed control not available

consBagging feature not available


If you are not someone who loves the variation of speed control, then this mower must be a great choice for you. Besides, it can be recommended to people who are new in using lawnmowers and love easy controls.

4. Honda HRR216PKA Gas Lawnmower review:

Editor’s Choice: As the name suggests, this HRR216PKA is a self-push gas-powered lawnmower. Being a self-push lawn mower, it has functions of mulch, discharge, and bag.

Although you might not seem too impressive in hearing about the self-pushed thing, here I show you some of the primary key features that might draw your interest in buying the item. This is why so many of the people have decided to use this lawnmower for their own. Thus it has been made a huge success for Honda by its users.

Highlighted features:

This Honda lawn mower has a micro-cut twin blade technology. It ensures ultra-fine cut for bagging as well as mulching. You can enjoy the smooth cut of grasses through this feature. Some mowers require the right amount of knowledge for the users to run. This mower is an exception in this case. It is effortless to start and more comfortable to use. The auto-choke system has made it easy for the machine to start.

This mower has a fold or secure storage system enabled within. It is also known as a 2-position handle. This feature allows the functioning of the machine to be well organized. It doesn’t let any complexity to take place. It has a 6 position cutting height option available in it. This versatility is also a unique feature and an attractive one for the users. An 8-inch wheel of this mower makes it easy to maneuver for people of all kinds. It has made the machine a lot more flexible.



prosSuperior cut

prosEasy to start

prosMulches great

prosVariety of height setting


consHeavy price

consHeavy in weight

consRear-wheel drive


Apart from the disadvantages, there are many other features in this lawnmower, which makes it worth the buy. So overall, HRR216PKA lawnmower would not be a bad buy at all.

5. Husqvarna HU800AWDH 190cc Honda Mower review:

Husqvarna HU800AWDH is a lawnmower that is efficient and reliable at the same time. Alongside the efficiency and reliability, it also provides excellent durability of Honda. It also offers you variable speed transmission, low wheel, high wheel, and all-wheel driving experience. Overall the Husqvarna HU800AWDH provides you a great package of a modern-day lawnmower.

Highlighted features:

It has a powerful 190 CC GCV engine which supplies power for a more extended period. The engine is equipped with a lot of turf cutting power. The 22-inch power-deck of the mower is coated in a way that will make it last for many years without any disturbance. It has an exclusive all-wheel drive that provides a significant bit of maneuverability. This makes the machine easy to maneuver for anyone.

It has a dual trigger drive control, and it allows the mower to provide variable speed control with each of the hands conveniently. Adjustment to Husqvarna HU800AWDH is rapid. It’s easy to handle even for the newest of lawnmower users. It is equipped with a modern hi-tunnel that can smoothly cut the grass.


prosHeavy power

prosVery easy to start

prosSelf-propelled AWD

prosMulches really great

prosEasy cleaning through the attached hose


consHard to pull backward out of tricky spots

consA bit flimsy mowing deck and usually flexes more than usual


If you consider the features offered by Husqvarna HU800AWDH, this lawnmower should get a fair deal at this price. Overall it is a pretty compact lawn mower that would provide satisfactory performance. I would suggest going with this.

6. Honda HRX217VLA 21″ Walk Behind Lawn Mower review:

Honda HRX217VLA lawn mower is for the users who own a medium to large-sized lawn. This mower has a classic look to it. With the twin-blade technology, it is much easier for this mower to mulch grass up in a quick time. It also allows us getting more shredded clipping per each bag. Even it can even do a combo of mulching and bagging.

In this mower, you can use a pure speed adjust dial and rotate it to improve the pace of mower as you wish it to be. The mower has a self-charging battery, but it starts electrically. It can run almost 4 miles an hour. There are many features to like about this Honda HRX217VLA.

Highlighted features:

It has a self-charging battery, but this machine gets an electric start. It saves power within the mower and keeps the engine in good health. It is a useful feature, indeed. A variable speed drive select option is one of the main features in this lawnmower. Many do not like to just drive the mower only on one speed. Some like to adjust speed according to the lawn and their wish.

So having a variable speed drive option is an added advantage for most of the users. It has a micro-cut twin blade technology. It ensures an excellent cut, and an even cut is imposed on all grasses. The auto-choke system of Honda HRX217VLA makes it easy to start. GCV 190 CC engine rarely runs out of power.

It has a 9-inch wheel, which makes the mower easy to maneuver. Easy maneuverability is an essential feature of this lawnmower. A 5-year warranty for this machine is another attractive feature. It ensures that if you face any technical problem regarding the lawnmower, it will be repaired by Honda without any service charge.



prosMulches great

prosDeck is rust-proof

prosGenerous warranty

prosEasy in assembling

prosTread is not noticeable

prosEasy to start in two modes

prosThe grass collector is large

prosUnique in design and features



consNot too durable

consWheels are plastic

consWheel adjusters hard to move

consWheels require to be adjusted separately


If you only take the pros in this mower, it should be a decent choice for you. But if you look at the cons too, it becomes a little challenging to decide. It’s up to you whether you want to buy it or not.

7. Honda 21″ Electric Start Lawn Mower review:

What things do you want when you decide to buy a lawnmower? The Honda self-propelled self-charging lawnmower is offering you a variety of features that will ensure you don’t go for other mowers. This machine is straightforward to start; it’s powerful; its fuel-efficient and also provides you with the twin-blade technology.

Twin blade technology delivers a smooth cut and ensures the leaf or grasses are cut into pieces to make the lawn tidy. Overall this mower is offering a lot compared to its competitors around its similar price range.

Highlighted features:

It comes with a twin blade micro-cut system. The twin blade technology delivers an ultra-fine cut to the grass and leaves. It also makes sure that the grasses are no longer uneven after the cut is done. There are 6 different cutting height adjustment systems available in this lawnmower. It allows the user to cut through the grasses in the lawn in various heights. One of the most highlighted features of this mower is that it has got an electric start system available in it.

It increases the ease of use for the users. This self-charging electronic start feature comes in handy when using the mower. Its 8-inch wheels are another thing that can catch your eyes. This large wheel, along with foam grip in it, makes sure that you get a good hold of the mower and run it quite comfortably. It has a 3-in1 clip director, and this feature ensures the bagging is done the way it needs to be done.


prosLarge wheel

prosElectric start

prosTwin blade system

prosMultiple clip director

prosHeight adjusting option

prosLong-lasting battery backup


consSometimes stalls during usage


Considering the positives that this mower has, it can’t be denied that you can get a very decent service and experience a lot of things if you decide to own this mower. So I would surely recommend you to buy this Honda lawn mower.

8. Honda HRX217K4HYA HRX Series Lawn Mowers Review:

The Honda HRX217K4HYA lawn mowers are high-performance mowers. It comes to a hydrostatic cruise control system that allows the speed control to be efficient. At the same time, its equipped with the blade-stop system. This blade-stop system means you can stop the blades from working while the engine is still running.

It minimizes further efforts of yours to restart the machine at the time of moving away. Besides, it has a lot more features that have made this mower one of the worth buys in the market.

Highlighted features:

This mower features a hydrostatic cruise control system, as mentioned earlier. It allows the variable speed control of the machine possible while mowing. This personal adjustment system is one of the machine’s key features. There are mowers in the market that offer different mowing heights to have different cuts possible. But this HRX217K4HYA mower offers 7 different mowing height options.

It is undoubtedly a lot of options and one of the highlighted features of the mower. It has a roto-stop technology included in the machine. It means you can stop the blades while cutting and the engine will still be running. It allows the user to safety-step away from the mower even without having to restart the lawnmower.

The 4-in-1 Versamow system ensures that the mower mulches, bags, discharges, and shreds while it is mowing. It can also do a combo of mulching and bagging together. The twin blade system ensures a smooth cutting of leaves and grasses. It makes sure the mulching is superior, and there are more clippings per bag.

It has a 190CC GCV engine that makes sure the mower does not run out of power too often. The auto-choke system allows the engine to start very quickly. The 9-inch wheel is big enough for anyone to do the mowing comfortable. It means the user will get an excellent grip while handling the machine.


pros9-inch wheel

prosHighly durable

pros7 mowing heights